I Didn’t Know

I didn’t leave university with the intention of leaving.

Despite the fact that I knew I wasn’t happy at uni I still didn’t know what I’d do when or if I left.

There’s so much pressure on that choice.

It doesn’t help that you know people will be thinking things along the lines of “you gave up” or “was it too hard for you” or “why didn’t you just stick it out? You only had a couple papers left” or “what will you do?” And that really is the big question… “WHAT WILL YOU DO?” you know what ? I didn’t know. Continue reading

Why University wasn’t for me

I had just turned 17 and was approaching the end of my high school years. Back then I was living under the notion that after High School I’d go to University and from University I’d have a degree that’ll get me a Job – You know… the way society tells us it should be done. Society is Wrong! in my own personal experience anyway. Continue reading